506 Legal Citizens Have Signed On To Restore America

Undocumented immigrants will have official roles at the Democratic National Convention

The Democratic Party has selected a handful of undocumented immigrants for official roles at next week’s Democratic National Convention, in a bid to highlight the gaping policy divide on immigration between White House hopeful Hillary Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump.

Clinton is hoping to drive Latino voters to the polls on Nov. 8 to shore up her chances against Trump, who has campaigned on a promise to crack down on illegal immigration by building a wall along the Mexican border and deporting millions of undocumented foreigners if elected.

Published: 22JUL16
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Hillary Vows Amnesty For Illegals In First 100 days

Calling immigration a key issue in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton at a Sylmar campaign stop Saturday attacked Donald Trump for talking in “hateful, very prejudicial, really unacceptable ways.”

“Immigration is at the center of this presidential campaign,” Clinton said to the crowd at Mission College. “In my first 100 days I will introduce legislation for comprehensive immigration reform.”

Published 05JUN16
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Political Science Professor: Odds Of President Trump Range BETWEEN 97% AND 99%

A political science professor who claims his statistical model has correctly predicted the results of every election except for one in the last 104 years has forecast that the odds of Donald Trump becoming America’s next president currently range from 97 percent to 99 percent.

The professor is Helmut Norpoth of Stony Brook University, reports The Statesman, the campus newspaper at the public bastion on New York’s Long Island.

Specifically, Norpoth predicts that Trump has a 97 percent chance of beating Hillary Clinton and a 99 percent chance of beating Bernie Sanders.

Published 24FEB16
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 Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote

Hillary Clinton loves black people. And black people love Hillary—or so it seems. Black politicians have lined up in droves to endorse her, eager to prove their loyalty to the Clintons in the hopes that their faithfulness will be remembered and rewarded. Black pastors are opening their church doors, and the Clintons are making themselves comfortably at home once again, engaging effortlessly in all the usual rituals associated with “courting the black vote,” a pursuit that typically begins and ends with Democratic politicians making black people feel liked and taken seriously. Doing something concrete to improve the conditions under which most black people live is generally not required.

Published 10FEB16
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Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump: ¡Basta!

Hillary is an Open Borders supporter. It’s not suprising she said this in front of a La Raza crowd. – Admin

She said: “Enough!” Hillary Clinton put Donald Trump in her sights. In a speech at the National Council of La Raza in Kansas City, the Democratic frontrunner for the presidential nomination expressed her displeasure with the Republican candidate and real estate mogul’s invectives against Mexican immigrants, many of whom Trump said are “drug dealers” and “rapists.”

Published 13JUL15
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Enforcement? What Enforcement?

Three recent items highlight the continuing collapse of interior immigration enforcement under Obama.

The first is information pried out of DHS by Senators Grassley and Sessions: One hundred twenty-one convicted criminals who faced deportation orders between 2010 and 2014 were never removed from the country and now face murder charges, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Just to be clear, these were convicted criminals, in ICE custody, who had been ordered deported but were instead released back into U.S. communities, and then went on to murder Americans.

And second, the law requires the State Department to impose visa sanctions on countries that won’t take their own citizens back, a requirement Secretaries Clinton and Kerry have simply ignored.

Published 17JUN15
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Hillary Clinton hires illegal immigrant to do Latino outreach for campaign

Heading Hispanic outreach for the leading Democratic presidential candidate could be a dream job for many U.S. citizens. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton hired a “Dreamer” to fulfill that role on her campaign. According to the New York Times, the Clinton campaign announced Wednesday that it has hired Lorella Praeli, an illegal immigrant and “Dreamer” activist, to spearhead Hispanic outreach for Hillary ahead of 2016.

Published 22MAY15
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The Brief: Hillary Clinton and the Texas Connection

The big political news of the weekend was the long-expected launch of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Texas Democrats are well aware that San Antonio’s twin politicians, U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro and U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, are potential vice presidential ticket picks. They’re young, ambitious, Hispanic and seen as rising stars who could widen Clinton’s appeal.

“A Castro on the ticket would have a huge impact,” said Stanford, who has worked for both Castro brothers in the past. “People who are talking about a Julián ticket aren’t just playing fantasy baseball. This is a real idea.”

Published 13APR15
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Why Hillary Clinton & John Kerry Share Responsibility for Criminal Alien Releases

As Congress begins to focus on the disturbing new information uncovered by the Center for Immigration Studies — that the Obama administration released over 36,000 criminal aliens into our neighborhoods in 2013 — it is important to understand that these releases were not mandated by the Supreme Court, despite the claims of the Obama administration.

However, federal law requires the Secretary of State to stop issuing visas to the citizens of any country that refuses to take back its nationals. Instead of following the law that requires the State Department to stop issuing visas, however, it appears that Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and the Department of Homeland Security decided that it was better to simply release criminal aliens from detention and allow them to go free, despite the potential threat to public safety. Not only is this a failure to abide by federal law, it also made it less likely that the alien would be removed, thereby allowing the Obama administration to cite the Supreme Court ruling as an excuse to release the aliens into American neighborhoods.

Specifically, the law 8 U.S.C. § 1253(d) states:
On being notified by the [DHS Secretary] that the government of a foreign country denies or unreasonably delays accepting an alien who is a citizen, subject, national, or resident of that country after the [DHS Secretary] asks whether the government will accept the alien under this section, the Secretary of State shall order consular officers in that foreign country to discontinue granting immigrant visas or nonimmigrant visas, or both, to citizens, subjects, nationals, and residents of that country until the [DHS Secretary] notifies the Secretary that the country has accepted the alien. (8 U.S.C. § 1253(d); Emphasis added.)

Published MAY14
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